2022 Symposium
Decolonising global health


2022 Symposium Decolonising Global Health

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Programme NVTG Symposium Decolonising Global Health

‘THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGING’: an old song, a new reality. We all experience the effects of global crises, whether as result of climate changes or failing (economic, political, or societal) systems. Understanding and grasping
the determinants underlying these global crises, and their disproportionate effect on vulnerable people, is necessary to instigate CHANGE. This exploration cannot be done without addressing the consequences of political and economic structures of the past and the colonial reality that shaped (and continues to shape) societies at large. The aim of the DECOLONISING GLOBAL HEALTH
event is to jointly reflect on the implications of DGH for us, global health professionals and students. Starting point for this journey is to share and learn
from collective and individual perspectives on the theme. We will explore the colonial impact on health systems, and on social injustice and health inequities
worldwide. Some of the dilemmas and questions we will discuss include:
• What does DGH really mean to any of us, considering your personal story?
• What does it mean for your functioning as a global health student or      professional working within an institution that reflects (neo)colonial structures or practices?
• What are the characteristics of genuine and equitable partnerships (in global health practice, and in academic systems)?
• How can I increase my awareness of (colonial) patterns around me and become part of the CHANGE?

The day will close with award ceremonies: Sauerwein Medal, winners of the KCGH thesis prize, and graduates from the GH MD training programme.


09.00 Registration & coffee
09.20 Opening
09.30 Decolonising humanitarianism or humanitarian aid? – Keynote1
by Tammam Aloudat – Medical doctor, humanitarian worker,
president of the Board of Médecins Sans Frontières Netherlands
10.15 Solidarity is just a word – a global pandemic of hoarding. With a
focus on vaccine nationalism – Keynote 2 by Fatima Hassan –
South African human rights lawyer and social justice activist and
founder of the Health Justice Initiative
11.00 Break
11.30 Reflections on the impact of DGH for global health professionals
a debate on personal, institutional and societal impact of DGH
12.15 Lunch
13.15 Abstract presentations and DGH among early-career researchers -
Uniting Streams
How ‘decolonial-sensitive’ is the new Dutch Global Health
Strategy? - Remco van de Pas / Deutsche Allianz Klimawandel und
Gesundheit, ITG and Maasticht University
Making Health Justice Happen: global health advocacy in practice
- Wemos
Training programme MD GH - Closed session for trainers
14.30 Global health soundbites on
(1) Terminology in Global Health (practice, research & education)
(2) Fairness and integrity in research
(3) Equitable Partnerships in Educational (Med) Exchange
Facilitator and introduction: Judith van de Kamp
15.15 Break
15.45 Roadmap to action
16.30 Award session Sauerwein Medal, KCGH and OIGT
17.00 Drinks


Global Health dag

Algemeen | 12:00 - 18:00 | Social Impact Factory, Vredenburg 40, 3511 BD Utrecht

Basiscursus Operatieve technieken deel II (BOT II)

Algemeen | 08:30 - 16:15 | Radboudumc Nijmegen

ISM&RH Geboortezorg voor asielzoekers in Nederland

Algemeen | 17:15 | Auditorium MCL (Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden)



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