Symposium Climate emergency. Understanding the impact of climate change on global health

Ieder jaar organiseren wij een symposium rond global health waarbij er telkens een ander thema centraal staat. Het thema van het congres in 2019 was 'Climate emergency. Understanding the impact of climate change on global health'.

Looking back... 

The organisors look back at a successful congress on climate change and health, with more that 200 participants gathering in the Rode Hoed on November the 6th, to learn more about the impact of climate change on health, debate with us on the need to take action, and how to get involved. We took stock of available evidence and looked at alternatives to alter the current scenario. Key experts presented their views and evidence on the intersect of climate change and health and presented possible solutions to emerging issues. Keynote presenters in the morning programme were: Prof Sir Andy Haines (London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene), Prof Maarten van Aalst (Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre), Dr Marzella Wüstefeld (World Health Organization), Prof Pim Martens (Maastricht University). 

The afternoon programme varied with abstract presentations organised by Uniting Streams; a session on the interface between Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) & climate change by Share-Net Netherlands; a presentation of the Netherlands Knowledge Agenda on Climate and Health by Dr Maud Huynen (International Centre for Integrated Assessment and Sustainable Development/ICIS, Maastricht University); a discussion on the role of cutting-edge technology in times of climate change crisis by Dr Md. Nadiruzzaman (International Centre for Climate Change and Development, Bangladesh); two sessions of the Netherlands Red Cross on climate change, environment & health, and climate change, health and conflict; and an interactive session organised by TROIE, the (NVTG) Society for medical doctors in global health and tropical medicine which addressed ways to reduce waste in clinical settings.

Looking forward...

A full report of the day and the PPT presentations will be made available shortly. Also more information on ideas to start a Working Party on Climate Change and Health will be shared with you.

Further reading

The current edition of MTb (pdf available), the Bulletin of the NVTG, is also dedicated to Climate Change and Health. This edition includes among others, interviews with 2 of the keynote presenters (Prof Sir Andy Haines and Prof Maarten van Aalst), a colummn by Pim Martens and an article on how Dhaka is dealing with its plastic 'bomb' by Dr Md. Nadiruzzaman. 



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Foto's van het symposium in 2017 (fotograaf Kors de Bruin) vindt u op Irista