Ieder jaar organiseren wij in samenwerking met KCGH een symposium rond global health waarbij er telkens een ander thema centraal staat. 


Decolonising Global Health

Symposium - 24 november 2022 - Rode Hoed Amsterdam


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2021 NVTG Symposium Climate Changemakers in Health - From Science to Action

Call to act!


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2021 on Global Mental Health

Mind Matters.


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2019 on climate change and health

Climate emergency. Understanding the impact of climate change on global health.


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2018 on ethical dilemmas in global health

[HUMAN] RESOURCES, RESEARCH AND RIGHTS. Ethical dilemmas in global health.


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2017 on 110 years of TM and IH

From tropical medicine to international health.


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2016 on migrant health

Health of people on the move: Access to health for refugees en route and in the Netherlands'. Read more on our statement regarding the health of people on the move.


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2015 on access to medicines

The role of essential medicine in achieving Universal Health Coverage: Access, Quality and Rationale Use.


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2014 on community health

Engaging communities in sickness and health.


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2013 on urban health

Sick Cities: Healthy Habitats: Facing the healthcare challenges of global urbanization.


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2012 on public-private partnerships in health

Innovative alliances for global health - New partnerships, New solutions.


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2011 on networking in global health

An ideal match: Connecting NGOs and academica in research for global health.


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2010 on global health research

Health(Y) Research in Resource Poor Settings > Money, Morals & Methods.


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2010 the minisymposium on 'vitamines' in IS

In collaboration with the Eijkman Medal Fund, in honor of Charles Eijkman the nobel prize winnar: 'Vitamines in de ontwikkelingssamenwerking' (in Dutch).


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2009 on linking policy and research

From research to imporved policy and practice in international health.


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2008 on health in conflict areas

Health care in conflict: the boundaries of health interventions.


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2007 during the 5e ECTMIH, the European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, titled

Partnership and innovation in global he@lth. 


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2006 on medical assistance in LMICS

Dutch medical doctors in developing countries: a debate on present and future.


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