Overlijdensbericht NVTG-lid Dr. Anja van 't Hoog

Geplaatst op 11-08-2023  -  Categorie: Algemeen

Onlangs ontvingen wij het overlijdensbericht van NVTG-lid Dr. Anja van 't Hoog. Onze collega was een gepassioneerde global health worker. Ze was een oud-collega van AIGHD (Amsterdam Institute for Global Health & Development). Zij schreven dit memoriam over haar; 

We are mourning the passing of Dr. Anja van ‘t Hoog, our former colleague at AIGHD. An accomplished and celebrated physician, epidemiologist, and a global health professional through and through, Anja was active in a wide scope of activities which led her to provide key contributions to the tuberculosis screening guidelines of the World Health Organization. Anja is remembered fondly for her tenacious and tireless commitment to high academic standards, which she set for herself and for the PhD students she supervised. She was a highly appreciated lecturer of statistics and epidemiology. Above all, we remember Anja as a kind and dedicated person who enjoyed working together with her colleagues in Amsterdam and Kenya.

We wish her family, her friends, and the community that surrounds her all the strength in coping with their loss.



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